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Toll-free number

From Italy: 800 22 55 77

From abroad: +39 06 45560210

Da lunedì a venerdì dalle 8:30 alle 22. Il sabato dalle 9 alle 17.

Chiamaci dal tuo cellulare certificato e inserisci la tua password call center.

Block debit and pre-paid card

From Italy: 800 822 056

From abroad: +39 02 60843768

Active 24h

Block credit card

From Italy: 800 992 100

From abroad: +39 02 3498 0176

Active 24h

Credit Card Support

From Italy: 800 955 981

From abroad: +39 02 349 80147

The service is active:
for Classic Credit Cards, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 22:00,
For Gold Credit Cards, 24/7.

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What are your most frequently asked questions?

Covid-19 Emergency. Can I apply for a mortgage suspension?

Customers who qualify for the suspension of the mortgage, as required by law, can refer to the forms and instructions published in the WHAT’S NEW section.

Here you will find all the details for sending the request and all Widiba’s full operational and financial information relating to the ongoing emergency.

How is Widiba different from other banks?

Widiba offers a fully customizable online platform and a network of over 500 Financial Advisors present throughout Italy. It stands out for its business and distribution model that combines technological and relational content. It stands out for the experience offered: the site and the products are fully customizable, from the bank account number to the debit card and credit cards. It stands out because it started out by listening to people. It stands out for its ability to relate to clients through its Financial Advisors.

If I open a Widiba account, will I incur account management or debit card fees?

No, there are no account maintenance costs and the debit card is free and included with the account. Consult our table of charges in the Current Account section of our website, or the Factsheets in the Transparency section.

What is a Remote Digital Signature?

A digital signature is the IT equivalent of a traditional handwritten signature on paper: it guarantees the identity of the signer; it guarantees that the document has not been altered after it was signed; it grants full legal validity to the signed document.

Digital signatures are issued by an authorized third party, known as the Certification Authority (or “CA”), which, in the case of Widiba, is Infocert.

For more information:

What is the purpose of having a Remote Digital Signature in Widiba?

To sign your documents from the comfort of your own home, validly and in total safety.

Through the use of a RDS, you can sign contracts and, more generally, take on commitments and make declarations solely within the context of your relations with the Bank or by means of same.

You can use it to sign new contracts (e.g. to request new products), and to amend or integrate contracts relating to products that are already active.

With a digital signature, you can open your account faster, without having to wait to receive the paper contract.
What’s more, you can save paper and ink.

What are the features of the Widiba RDS?

The RDS released by InfoCert, in collaboration with Widiba, can only be used on the Widiba website, and therefore is a known as a ”closed digital signature". The service is free of charge for as long as you are a Widiba client.

What is a PEC Certified Electronic Mailbox?

A certified email is the equivalent of a registered letter with return receipt, which grants email communications legal validity. The service is free of charge for as long as you are a Widiba client.

Why do I need a Certified Electronic Mailbox in Widiba?

Certified mailboxes make it possible to finalize contracts faster and more securely, starting with the one relating to your Widiba Account. Having the same legal value as a registered letter, a certified email communication makes it possible to reduce the times required to share, forward and manage any type of document between you and the Bank.

Certified mailboxes can also be used for purposes not directly linked with your relationship with the bank (e.g. to send/receive documents to/from third parties, etc.).

Can I change the PEC address assigned to me by Widiba while opening my account?

Yes, after you have opened your account, you can replace the address assigned by Widiba with your own personal PEC already in use.

How much do ATM withdrawals or SEPA transfers cost?

Debit Card withdrawals of over 100€ are free from any ATM machine in Italy and in the EMU, whereas outside the EMU a 2 € charge will be applied. Deposits are free of charge in all branches and at the MPS Group's advanced ATMs.

SEPA transfers are free. Consult our table of charges in the "Cards and Payments" section of our website, or the Factsheets in the Transparency section.

I have a problem. Who can I contact?

You can contact the Widiba team via the CONTACT US button present on our site. If you have any doubts regarding opening an account, you can call us at the toll free number 800 22 55 77.

How can I access my online Widiba services?

Type In the top right, you will find the LOGIN button. You will need your username and password.

Do I have to send you an ID document?

You will need your ID document to open the account. Identification is an important procedure and is obligatory if you wish to open the account.

How can you check my identity?

Through the recognition process when opening the account and through your ID document. After opening the account, you will be able to access your restricted area by using your login data (username and password). You can check the times you have signed into your account from My Profile.

What is the difference between account balance and available balance?

Your available balance is the amount you have in your account and that you can use. Your account balance is the sum of the amounts in the Demand Deposit and Time Deposits.

What is a Financial Advisors?

Our Personal Advisors form part of our network of Financial Advisors. The network of Widiba consultants consists of 600 Personal Advisors. For more information, you can visit the Consultancy section of the website or you can seek the consultant most suited to your needs by clicking on SEARCH FOR A FINANCIAL ADVISOR.

What do I have to do to close a Widiba Account?

Send an email from your PEC email account to and attach a signed letter in which you include: the number of the account you wish to close, a self-certified statement regarding the destruction of financial tools such as credit cards (or cheques, if any), jointly with a letter in which you release the bank of all responsibility. Please also include an IBAN code for the transfer of any residual credit from your account.


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