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Your useful numbers

Toll-free number

From Italy: 800 22 55 77

From abroad: +39 06 45560210

Da lunedì a venerdì dalle 8:30 alle 22. Il sabato dalle 9 alle 17.

Chiamaci dal tuo cellulare certificato e inserisci la tua password call center.

Block debit and pre-paid card

From Italy: 800 822 056

From abroad: +39 02 60843768

Active 24h

Block credit card

From Italy: 800 992 100

From abroad: +39 02 3498 0176

Active 24h

Credit Card Support

From Italy: 800 955 981

From abroad: +39 02 349 80147

The service is active:
for Classic Credit Cards, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 22:00,
For Gold Credit Cards, 24/7.

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All the Banca Widiba news instantly available


Advertising message for promotional purposes. For full details of the terms and conditions of the products and services advertised, please consult Info Factsheets and the pre-contractual policy statement available from the Transparency Section of bancawidiba.it.


Choose an American Express Gold Card: receive up to €300.00 for your weekends when you spend at least €2,000.00 within 60 days of the Card being issued.
In addition, enjoy zero charges for the first year!

Why apply for an American Express Gold Card? Because it allows you to travel with peace of mind, while enjoying first-rate services. For example?
- Enjoy insurance cover against unexpected events and accidents in Italy and abroad
- Enjoy free access to over 1,200 VIP Airport Lounges worldwide twice a year
- Receive a €50.00 voucher to be used when booking flights, hotels and rentals on americanexpress.it/viaggi

This and much more besides awaits you.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. Offer valid until 22/01/2024, see the rewards programme regulations at americanexpress.it/premiaticonoro23. The Card offer is open to natural persons over the age of 18 who have held a Widiba current account for at least 12 months and who are resident in Italy. Issuance of the card is at the discretion of American Express. For more information on the economic and contractual conditions, see the General Rules for Using the Card and the Info Factsheets available at https://www.widiba.it/banca/online/en/trasparenza and americanexpress.it/terminiecondizioni. Before applying for the Card, please download and keep a copy of the pre-contractual and contractual documentation relating to the card you have requested.


Financial consulting is a profession for women. This is what emerges from the second phase of "Women and Money: a challenge for inclusion", the research project conducted in collaboration with Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore to bridge gender differences in the financial sector.

Flexible management of hours, interpersonal skills and the social value of work are some of the elements that make this profession particularly suitable for women. However, there are still very few women in the world of financial consulting. What are the factors that hinder women's access to this profession?

Together with a sample of head hunters, and with the collaboration of female professionals and students in banking sciences, we analysed stereotypes and distorted perceptions concerning the role of the Financial Advisor and identified actions that can change women's attitudes towards a profession that has numerous benefits for them and for society as a whole.


During Christmas we’re all on our best behaviour, but we should never let our guard down when it comes to cybersecurity.
This seems like a hard world to navigate, but it's not! Just follow a few simple tips to avoid falling victim to attempted fraud.

  • Never click on the links you find in text messages or emails, even those that seem to come from Banca Widiba.

  • Do not share your card details, PIN numbers, transaction confirmation codes (OTP), username or password with anyone. Banca Widiba will never call you to ask for them.

La sicurezza è nelle tue mani.


Banca Widiba aderisce al Protocollo d’intesa per la mitigazione, la maggiore comprensibilità e comparabilità dei costi di accettazione di strumenti di pagamenti elettronici sottoscritto il 27 luglio 2023 tra ABI, APSP, CNA, Confartigianato, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, FIPE quali associazioni di categoria maggiormente rappresentative degli esercenti.

Vai alla sezione Trasparenza per leggere il protocollo completo e le condizioni applicate da Banca Widiba.


Banca Widiba has joined the "Women in Banking" Charter, ABI's initiative to enhance gender diversity as a key resource for value creation, development and sustainable growth.

By joining the Charter, the Bank is committed to promoting women in the corporate and social sphere in order to advocate equal opportunities and break down gender stereotypes within a broader culture of inclusion.


L’Ordinanza del Capo Dipartimento della Protezione Civile (OCDPC) n. 1037 del 5 novembre 2023 a seguito della Delibera del Consiglio dei Ministri del 3 novembre 2023 ha disposto che i titolari di mutui relativi agli edifici sgomberati o inagibili ubicati nelle province di Firenze, Livorno, Pisa, Pistoia e Prato colpiti dagli eccezionali eventi meteorologici verificatasi a partire dal 2 novembre 2023 possano richiedere la sospensione del pagamento delle rate dei mutui. Il diritto alla sospensione può essere esercitato, previa presentazione di autocertificazione del danno subito resa ai sensi del decreto del Presidente della Repubblica 28 dicembre 2000, n. 445 e successive modificazioni ed integrazioni, fino all’agibilità o all’abitabilità degli immobili e comunque non oltre la data di cessazione dello stato di emergenza, attualmente prevista il 2 novembre 2024, optando tra la sospensione dell'intera rata e quella della sola quota capitale.
La sospensione non costituisce in alcun modo novazione del contratto di mutuo e resta ferma ogni altra modalità, patto, condizione e garanzia di cui al contratto di mutuo, con particolare riferimento alla garanzia ipotecaria. Nel periodo di sospensione, non si procederà con alcuna segnalazione di insoluto alle Banche Dati relativa alle rate sospese.
L’importo complessivo sospeso dovrà essere restituito alla Banca senza spese e/o oneri aggiuntivi in termini di commissioni o di spese di istruttoria. La scadenza del mutuo sarà prorogata per un periodo corrispondente a quello della sospensione. Nel caso di sospensione dell’intera rata (quota capitale + quota interessi), saranno calcolati interessi sul capitale residuo al momento della sospensione. La misura del tasso di interesse applicato non potrà essere superiore a quella del tasso di interesse contrattuale. Gli interessi così calcolati saranno ripartiti (senza applicazione di ulteriori interessi) in quote di pari importo da corrispondere insieme alle rate di ammortamento residuo. In caso di sospensione della sola quota capitale, alla ripresa dell’ammortamento non saranno dovuti ulteriori interessi per il periodo di sospensione.
I clienti interessati dovranno sottoscrivere la richiesta di sospensione entro e non oltre 30 giorni a partire dal 16 novembre 2023, data di pubblicazione del presente Avviso.

Come richiedere la sospensione
Entra nella tua Area Riservata, digita “Sospensione mutui”, seleziona la tipologia “Sospensione Banca” e clicca su RICHIEDI.


We asked ourselves what you might want from your bank. The answer? For it to be innovative and reliable. For it to be easy to use. For it to listen and offer personalised products and services.

This is Banca Widiba.

Since our inception, we have always asked questions so as to offer you an innovative digital bank, a financial consulting model based on your needs, and evolving services for a unique, tailor-made banking experience.


With Banca Widiba, you can also open your account using your SPID profile! You can also use your credentials to apply for a new account, without the need for a new username and password. But that’s not all.
If you don't have a SPID profile yet, we can help you: create your digital identity with Banca Widiba, safely and in three easy steps.

Don't you feel more relaxed? Sign in to Banca Widiba and apply for a SPID profile.

The SPID service is provided by Inforcert S.p.A (“InfoCert”), a digital ID provider accredited by AgID – Agenzia per l’Italia digitale. Banca Widiba and InfoCert have signed a cooperation agreement under which Banca Widiba acts as a “Registration Office” for its clients, helping them obtain the credentials to access the online services provided by the suppliers who have joined SPID. SPID profiles are issued by the ID Provider InfoCert, who will provide Widiba clients with second-level SPID credentials. The service is offered free of charge to Widiba clients. Remote Digital Signature must be enabled to request the service. In its capacity as a Registration Office, Banca Widiba sends the request to Infocert but is not responsible for the issuance of credentials; this procedure is perfected on the InfoCert website. The General Conditions of the service will be available to the Client during the SPID profile request procedure.


As from today, with Banca Widiba you can choose the policies that quixa has designed especially for you.
Innovative, 100% digital solutions that offer you tailored protection for you and your vehicle.
Log into Banca Widiba, type "Quixa" and find out more about the promotion.

Advertising message for promotional purposes.
Banca Widiba has established a partnership with QUIXA Assicurazioni S.p.A., a company of the AXA Italia Insurance Group. Clients followed by an AXA agent can contact them directly to find out more about the AXA Insurance S.p.A. policies offered.

Choose Banca Widiba:you will have a 100% paperless current account and cards in different styles!