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App and Mobile The world and innovation
of Widiba, in your hands


  • Access to the account to consult and carry out transactions

  • Balance and transactions in real time

  • Your trading platform, accessible wherever you are

  • Notifications and alerts for each purchase

  • Instant money transfers with MoviPay by Jiffy


My Money:
take a picture
and archive your receipts

Enjoy a 360° banking experience, from your PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV. No charges, maximum security: bank transfers, top-ups, account and card balance and transactions, stock exchange orders, investments and all the services you use the most.
All updated in real time.

There are many ways of experiencing Widiba.
Why choose just one?

Essential Intuitive

Widiba App

The account that moves with you

  • pay your bills with the QR code

  • sign in with your voice

  • keep track of your expenditure with My Money

  • pay instantly with MoviPay

  • monitor your investments


Handy fast

Apple Watch

With the new app, you can always keep your finger on the pulse

  • sign in with your fingerprint

  • make payments to your favorite contacts

  • view your card balance and transactions

  • follow your investment performance

  • find the nearest ATM or branch with the ATM Locator


On Demand

Apple TV

Your free-to-air account

  • connect with any Smart TV

  • view your monthly statement and securities watchlist

  • consult the balance of your Time Deposits

  • check your cards' remaining balance and limits


Familiar Close

app_mobile_img3_1440 app_mobile_img3_375

My Money

Your financial diary

  • categorise and geolocate your expenses

  • photograph and archive receipts

  • set a monthly budget and monitor your expenses

  • record cash purchases after each withdrawal

Switch to Widiba

Always informed, instantly operational

  • Interactive and customisable graphs to consult your account and investments in real time

  • Automatically categorised and geolocated transactions

  • Fully independent management of daily purchases, also in cash

So many projects to be implemented, a single account to be opened. For you, 120 € worth of Amazon vouchers and a 1.60% rate on 6-month fixed term savings options.

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