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Why choose a Widiba mortgage?

Because you can do everything online, wherever you are, with no paper forms to complete and submit: from digital signature to mortgage application, through to uploading all the documents relating to the mortgage holders, any guarantors and the property being bought. In a few simple steps, you can choose the repayment that suits your needs and tailor the right mortgage for you. A mortgage advisor will be at your side at every step of the way. In addition you have: a free building survey and a zero-charges current account, with the Start Package.

I do not have a Conto Widiba, can I still apply for a mortgage?

You can request a free online quote even if you are not a Widiba client. One of our specialists will contact you to help you find the solution that works best for you. If you decide to proceed with your mortgage application, you will be required to sign the application digitally and to open an account with our Bank. Please note that the account will only be opened after you have passed our creditworthiness assessment.

What other benefits will I enjoy if I open a Conto Widiba to apply for a mortgage?

All new clients who open a Widiba Account to apply for a mortgage will enjoy zero account management charges for ever with a Start Package and free stamp duty for a period of 6 months from the date of disbursement of the mortgage. With a Widiba Mortgage, in addition to a zero-charges account, you also have a free debit card and certified mailbox for as long as you are a Widiba client.

How can I find the right repayment for me?

If you have not yet found your new home and you want to have an idea of the mortgage you can take out, use our free online estimate calculator: select "Simulate with your income", enter your monthly income and discover the repayment that suits you.

What is the maximum sum that can be financed with a mortgage?

The mortgage amount that can usually be borrowed is 80% of the appraised value of the property to be purchased. Some banks finance up to 100% of this value. In this case, they usually charge higher costs or require additional guarantees.

What is the minimum mortgage amount I can apply for?

When applying for a Widiba mortgage, the loan amount cannot be less than €50,000, except in the case of remortgages, for which the minimum loan amount is equal to €80,000.

What are the requirements to apply for a mortgage?

The decision whether or not to grant a mortgage is always subject to the verification of subjective requirements (minimum age, residence, citizenship) and to the applicant's creditworthiness. The final decision is reached after the bank has conducted meticulous investigations with a view to ascertaining the applicant's creditworthiness and the property's suitability as collateral following mortgage registration, as well as other considerations. Indicatively, the borrower is considered to be able to afford mortgage repayments when these do not exceed one third of his/her monthly net income.

Can I apply for a joint mortgage?

Yes, you can apply for a mortgage in your own name or one held jointly with one or more people.

What is the maximum duration of a mortgage?

30 years for all solutions, whether with a fixed rate or a floating rate.

Is there an age limit to apply for a mortgage?

Yes, to apply for a mortgage you must be at least 18 years old. In some cases, the applicant cannot be older than 75 (i.e. have had his/her 76th birthday) at the mortgage expiry date. Based on the age of the applicant and his/her specific needs, we will evaluate together the duration and characteristics of the most suitable mortgage.

What documents do I need to submit when applying for a mortgage?

We will ask you to resubmitthe last three pay slips (the last two Modello Unico forms for self-employed professionals), the latest CUD/730 (single certification), a valid identity document and your tax code. In some cases, we may also ask you for additional documents in order to assess your application more accurately.

How do I make the mortgage payments?

You can simply choose to charge the mortgage repayments to your Widiba account.

Do I have to associate an insurance policy with the mortgage?

Until the mortgage is paid off, Banca Widiba will insure the property at its own expense against fire, lightning and gas explosion. The mortgage holder may also consider taking out additional insurance coverage in order to guarantee repayments in the event of specific adverse events (such as death or serious injury). Such additional insurance is optional.

Can the policy be taken out with an insurance company other than the one suggested by Banca Widiba?

Yes, you can take out voluntary property insurance, in addition to the free coverage provided by Banca Widiba.

Who is the guarantor?

In addition to the mortgage guarantee, the mortgage can also be backed by any other personal guarantee (surety) deemed appropriate and necessary by the lender. The surety should be issued by a party other than the borrower (the guarantor) as a guarantee of full repayment of the debt taken out by the latter. The guarantor will be held liable for the debt, and the contract is taken out directly between the guarantor and the lender. The surety is ancillary, which means it is not valid if the main contract - the mortgage - is invalid.

What is mortgage registration? What is it for?

Mortgage registration is a form of security for the lender. It confers a right of first refusal on the asset, which protects the lender against the risk of insolvency. Mortgage registration is established through registration in public registers and covers the entire asset to which it relates. The asset belongs to the owner, who can use it freely. When the debt terminates or expires, the mortgage also expires. Lenders require the mortgage to be registered before delivering the amount to be financed: although at this point the sum has virtually already been delivered (and the security deposit paid), the funds are only made available after the mortgage has been duly registered. The mortgage registration of a property includes its "appurtenances" (e.g. garage).

Once I have taken out a mortgage, how can I consult the repayment schedule?

Every month we will send you an instalment deadline notice, through which you can check your payment details. You can also consult your mortgage repayment schedule at any time by signing in to Widiba and typing "My mortgage": - Floating rate mortgage: the repayment schedule may vary from month to month compared to the original schedule annexed to the contract, based on the performance of the benchmark rate (Euribor); - Fixed rate mortgage: the repayment schedule will remain unchanged compared to the annex to the contract.

I have to submit my tax returns: how can I receive the document showing the interest I have paid so far?

Every year (usually between February and March), we will send you a document detailing the mortgage interest you paid during the previous year, in time to submit your tax returns. The document, which can be used for tax deduction purposes, details the mortgage amount, the type of mortgage chosen, the date of execution, the interest expenses paid during the year, and the residual capital as at 31 December.

How can I get the refunds I am entitled to?

By submitting the necessary documentation to an accountant or an authorized tax assistance center. Such documentation should not be annexed to the Modello 730 but to the Modello Unico tax return, and should be preserved and exhibited in the event of controls. As for interest expenses, the issuing bank sends a certifying statement every year. In the absence thereof, the statement may be requested.

Are there any special tax breaks on mortgages?

Yes, there are special tax breaks for first time home buyers: • VAT and/or registration tax equal, respectively, to 4% and 3% (instead of 10% and 7%); • Substitute tax on the purchase of your first home equal to 0.25% of the total mortgage disbursed (instead of the rate of 2% applied to the purchase of your second home); • Fixed mortgage registration and land register fees equal to €168.00 each (instead of 2% and 1% of the purchase); • Deduction of the TASI service tax, at the discretion of individual municipalities; • Deduction of mortgage interest expenses: this corresponds to 19% of the cost incurred by way of interest expenses relating to the mortgage loan taken out for the purchase of your main abode. The tax break can also include the cost of bank investigations and reports, the mortgage taxes paid, and the cost of the relating notary mortgage deed (excluding the cost of the sale deed), up to a maximum of €4,000: therefore, the maximum tax deduction applicable is €760. The beneficiary is the buyer of the property, and must also be the holder of the mortgage agreement.

What is meant by "first home"?

"First home" is a property that meets the following requirements: • The home must be a residential property and not a luxurious property; • The purchaser must be a natural person; • At the time of the purchase, the purchaser must not own another residential property in the same municipality as that of the first home; • The owner must not own another property in the country bought with the first time home buyer tax break; • The owner's residence must be transferred to the municipality of the purchased property within 18 months of signing the deed, on pain of disqualification from the tax breaks (within 12 months, to be able to deduct the relating mortgage interest expenses).

I have finished paying my mortgage instalments. What should I do to cancel the mortgage registration?

Once you have paid off your mortgage, we will ask the Land and Real Estate Tax Agency to cancel the mortgage registration. Once we have submitted the cancellation request to the Land and Real Estate Tax Agency, we will send you a letter confirming that the mortgage has been paid off and that the Property Register has been notified of the mortgage registration cancellation.

What happens if I delay payment of a repayment? What is default interest?

In the event of non or late payment of an instalment, the debtor can be declared in default and therefore is required to pay interest in arrears to compensate the creditor for any damage resulting from the delayed payment. Interest in arrears is greater than the agreed mortgage rate by 1 to 4 percentage points. The bank may terminate the mortgage contract as a result of at least seven - not necessarily consecutive - thirty-day delays in the payment of a mortgage instalment. Consequently, the bank may terminate the contract if 180 days have elapsed from the expiry of at least one unpaid instalment.

Can I repay the mortgage in advance, either fully or in part?

The possibility of making early mortgage repayments is allowed by law. Banks used to determine a fee (penalty) to be paid by the borrower on the capital repaid in advance. By virtue of Law 40/2007 (a.k.a. the Bersani law), mortgages issued for certain purposes are no longer subject to such penalties since 2 February 2007.

Mortgage Portability

What is meant by mortgage replacement and mortgage portability?

Mortgages can be replaced in two ways: through mortgage replacement and mortgage portability. Mortgage replacement involves signing a new mortgage with a new bank. Mortgage portability (a.k.a. remortgage) involves "switching" an existing mortgage from one bank to another, with the possibility of changing the mortgage parameters.

How do I transfer my mortgage from another bank to Widiba?

Use our free online estimate calculator to calculate your new repayment. Select “Transfer your mortgage from another bank”. You'll soon be contacted - with no obligation - by a Widiba mortgage specialist, who will explain all the benefits and convenience of transferring your old mortgage to Widiba.

I have a mortgage with another bank: can I charge the repayments to my Conto Widiba?

Yes, to do this use the WidiExpress service: in addition to transferring mortgage payments from another bank, you can also transfer your old account over to Widiba, inclusive of all related services, such as bank transfers, salary or pension, bills and investments. With WidiExpress, we'll see to everything: - just fill out an online form; - sign it digitally; - and, with a click, we will complete the transfer in just 12 days!

Can the remortgage duration be changed?

Yes. Parameters such as the duration or type of interest rate can be changed freely. For a zero-cost remortgage, the new mortgage must have the same applicants and a value that is equal to the residual value of the existing mortgage.

What costs will I incur when transferring my mortgage over to Widiba?

Thanks to the Portability service, you can transfer an existing mortgage with another bank over to Banca Widiba at any time, without incurring any penalties or expenses and keeping the original mortgage registration. You don't have to pay anything, either to pay off the old mortgage or to take out a new one. See Portability Conditions for a breakdown of all costs and charges.

Do I have to take out a new policy or can I transfer an existing one?

Yes, you can transfer your old property insurance, in addition to the free coverage provided by Banca Widiba.