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Toll-free number

From Italy: 800 22 55 77

From abroad: +39 06 45560210

Da lunedì a venerdì dalle 8:30 alle 22. Il sabato dalle 9 alle 17.

Chiamaci dal tuo cellulare certificato e inserisci la tua password call center.

Block debit and pre-paid card

From Italy: 800 822 056

From abroad: +39 02 60843768

Active 24h

Block credit card

From Italy: 800 992 100

From abroad: +39 02 3498 0176

Active 24h

Credit Card Support

From Italy: 800 955 981

From abroad: +39 02 349 80147

The service is active:
for Classic Credit Cards, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 22:00,
For Gold Credit Cards, 24/7.

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Widiba Personal Loans. Give substance to your ideas.

Request loan

Advertising message for promotional purposes.Widiba promotes the Personal Loan on the basis of a non-exclusive collaboration agreement entered with Findomestic Banca S.P.A with whom the Customer enters the contract. For information on all the economic and contractual conditions (including the ones related to changing payments and skipping a repayment, which can be activated after the first 6 instalments) please refer to the “Standard European Consumer Credit Information” document which is available when applying online. There are no accessory costs for this offer. Maximum applicable EAPR, depending on the (possible) change of payment amount or skipping repayment, for a €14,000 loan: 7.18%; total amount due for a €14,000 loan: €17,724.00. Offer valid until 30/09/2020. Subject to approval by Findomestic Banca S.p.A.

  • Completely paperless request, with digital signature and uploading your documents online

  • Credit application and instalment payment fees included

  • You can changethe amount of your repayments free of charge, every month

  • No early repayment charges

  • Stamp duty to be paid by Findomestic

100% Digital
Zero charges

pbnw_prestiti_prestiti-personali_alt-text pbnw_prestiti_richiesta-prestito-100paperless_alt-text

If you already know what you want: «I want to change my car», «I want a new kitchen», «I want to start studying again», your change has already begun.

With Widiba you can request a Findomestic personal loan in an easy, simple, personalised way.

You already know what you want

  • Select the category you are interested in

  • Enter the amount you need: from 1,000 to 40,000 euro

  • The monthly repayment will be displayed immediately depending on the term: from 12 to 108 months

  • Enter your data and upload the documents online

  • Wait for the answer and receive the loan in your Widiba account

What are your most frequently asked questions? Product sheet


pbnw_prestiti_calcolo-rata prestito_alt-text pbnw_prestiti_prestiti-personali-100online_alt-text


pbnw_prestiti_gestione-libera-prestito_alt-text pbnw_prestiti_prestito-personale_alt-text

Manage your repayments as you wish

  • Use the Change repayment option to modify the monthly amount of your instalment, extending or shortening the term of the loan

  • Use the Skip repayment option to postpone paying an instalment for up to 3 times

  • No early repayment charges

What are your most frequently asked questions? Product sheet

A zero-charge service, flexible and customisable, to complete any project, be it buying a car, renovating your home or choosing the furniture for it.

To learn about all product information please read the product sheet.

I want to

Widiba inside

Every loan has its advantages

If you open a Widiba Account you also have:

  • Cards in different styles

  • Zero expenses on banking operations

  • Free certified mailbox and digital signature for as long as you are a Widiba client


Switch to Widiba

100% paperless current account

  • Open an account in 5 minutes via webcam

  • Cards in different styles and free certified mailbox for as long as you are a Widiba client

  • WidiExpress to transfer your old account to Widiba in just a click

Advertising message for promotional purposes.
For full details of the terms and conditions of the products and services advertised, please consult Info Factsheets and the pre-contractual policy statement available from the Transparency Section of

Open an account and get your loan

for you, a 50€ Amazon voucher

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