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Our concrete commitment


Advertising message for promotional purposes. For full details of the terms and conditions of the products and services advertised, please consult Info Factsheets and the pre-contractual policy statement available from the Transparency Section of bancawidiba.it.

We turn changes into opportunities. We believe in the power of listening. We promote a culture of inclusiveness, with a view to to giving people value.
Because we are aware of the impact of our actions on the community.

The Charter of Responsibilities summarises our concrete commitment to supporting environmental, social and corporate responsibility so as to help create a sustainable future.

Discover our Charter of Responsibilities


We limit the environmental impact of our activities through the reduction of consumption and the sustainable management of our staff’s mobility.



digital for all the main banking products, from current accounts to payments, loans and mortgages


paperless with remote signing and formal customer correspondence via PEC

Digital consulting via web collaboration or graphometric pin


BREEAM energy certification of our offices


of remote-working employees in the last year


We are committed to building a socially sustainable growth model that enhances diversity in all its forms and contributes to the dissemination of a financial culture.

Diversity & Inclusion


of women employees


of women managers


different nationalities

Training programmes and events to promote the inclusion of women in banks and financial consultancy (Women of Widiba)

Financial Education


financial education initiatives and events every year


Member of Feduf, Foundation for Financial and Savings Education


Our commitment is reflected in the sustainability factors integrated into our offering.
Our efforts extend to the growth and promotion of our human capital.

Welfare & Training

4,200+ hours/year

of employee training and development

2,400+ hours/year

of management training for employees (Women Leadership Program)

30,000+ hours/year

of specialist training for our financial advisors

Financial Consulting & Instruments


ESG products and a constantly updated offering


Efpa Certified Financial Consultants

Community engagement


customers in the Customer Team involved in the company’s governance


of our customers feel looked after and satisfied

Responsibility Programme - 2021

25 January

“Financial education: the guide you've been waiting for”

Online special dedicated to Io Donna readers consisting of 16 articles written in collaboration with three Banca Widiba financial advisors, to spread financial culture as regards savings and loans.


2 March

Free virtual roadshow "The Effect of Advisory Services"

Launch of a cycle of eight free online meetings organised in collaboration with the newspaper Advisor, to shed light on today's financial choices through the in-depth study of topics such as sustainability, financial planning and gender equality.



Training course on financial sustainability

Launch of a training course for the network of Financial Advisors, carried out in collaboration with Professione Finanza and Amundi SGR to explore the importance of integrating sustainability aspects in the assessment of investments.


7 April

Membership in FEduF to spread financial culture

Membership in the "Foundation for Financial Education and Savings" (FEduF) to jointly promote financial education projects aimed at developing the knowledge of citizens, especially children and youth.


14 April

Training programme "Legalise Wellness Complexity"

Launch of a training and engagement programme for all bank employees, integrated with a remote training platform to provide opportunities for skill development.


19 April

SGR Etica training event at Banca Widiba

Event for Banca Widiba employees to explore ESG topics through interventions by Etica SGR, the only Italian asset management company to have established and promoted sustainable and responsible mutual funds.


20 May

Training course "Skills Academy"

A training course for financial advisers, especially young people starting their first work experience, aimed at providing learning opportunities and developing skills and competences in the financial field.


25 May

Qualitative research on ESG for employees

Qualitative research that involved all employees and the Customer Team, representing customers, to define the next initiatives that Banca Widiba will implement in the field of environmental and social sustainability and governance.



Creation of the Responsibility Committee

Creation of a team of 12 bank employees to move the issues and initiatives of environmental and social sustainability and governance forward.



Training course on ESG with SDA Bocconi

Classroom training course with the participation of professors of Economics and Finance from the Bocconi University of Milan to increase knowledge on environmental and social sustainability and governance.



“Economics and the imagination – teaching children about financial education"

Launch of a cycle of eight free online financial education meetings organised in collaboration with FEduF (Foundation for Financial Education and Savings), to provide parents with economic and financial skills useful for sharing the value of savings to their children.


8 June

Launch of the "Women Dreaming Coach" initiative

Initiative to support an entrepreneurship project for women, selected from those posted on the Banca Widiba Facebook page, through a dedicated coaching team comprised of marketing and financial consultancy experts as well as motivational coaching.


10 June

SPID identification for opening accounts

An initiative that contributes to the diffusion of a safe and secure system aimed at guaranteeing access to digital services through the integration of the SPID in the identification systems of new customers when opening a Widiba Current Account.


23 June

First edition of the #DiMercoledì observatory

Launch of the first edition of an internal bank observatory, carried out entirely remotely, to share cross-functional skills and update employees with respect to current market trends, while presenting best-practices.



Launch of the partnership with Satispay

Launch of a partnership with Satispay for the reporting of cardless collection and payment services through natively plastic-free processes, to reduce our environmental impact and achieve sustainable development objectives.



Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

Installation of charging stations for electric cars available to users of the Procaccini Center in Milan to provide an incentive and concrete contribution to the transition towards sustainable mobility.



Installation of solar-controlled film

Installation of solar-controlled film on the windows of Banca Widiba's headquarters to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions, and their subsequent impact on the environment.



Launch of "Dialogue", a new videobanking function

Innovative videocall function to interface with the bank through a new remote relationship channel that facilitates dialogue and proximity between the bank and its customers while preserving a face to face interaction.



Inclusive financial research with the Catholic University

Research project on inclusive finance in collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart to increase the level of financial competence and promote new ideas, with the creation of an observatory and financial literacy workshops.



Launch of the "Widiber's Green Map" initiative

Launch of the creation of a green map comprised of contributions sent by Banca Widiba employees in various Italian cities, with the aim of raising awareness as regards the need to carry out sustainable actions in everyday life to be plastic-free.


7 September

Participation in the event "As you can"

Initiative carried out in collaboration with the consulting firm Trivioquadrivio with the aim of generating concrete outputs on how to innovate future ways of working through the contribution of an audience of decision makers


11 September

Financial education podcast with Will Media

Four podcasts on Actually, produced in collaboration with Will Media, which feature authoritative guests who discuss the central role of financial culture and go in-depth as to the importance of respecting ESG criteria in building a more sustainable and inclusive society.



Promotion for entrepreneurial women

Promotional initiative created with the aim of providing concrete support to women's entrepreneurship, through a dedicated offering that provides for half-off or zero installation costs for POS.



Participation in "Financial Education Month"

Initiative promoted by the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities, to increase basic knowledge on financial, insurance and pension matters through events and webinars created by Banca Widiba's financial advisors.


12 October

Launch of the "School project" with FEduF

Initiative carried out in collaboration with FEduF with the participation of Financial Advisors, to bring the Foundation's financial education programmes to schools through training courses for each school level, from elementary school to high school.


25 October

Launch of the new Green Loan

Offer created in collaboration with Findomestic Banca S.p.A. for customers of the Financial Advisor network, with subsidised pricing on personal loans for new green projects (buying an electric/hybrid car, changing windows to improve energy efficiency, etc.).


7 November

Participation in the "Elle Active" forum

Talk on women's finance dedicated to women and work, aimed at exploring the new professions of tomorrow and providing women with inspiration, training and practical tools to improve their careers and acquire the knowledge to progress professionally.




Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Three criteria for sustainable investments

We believe that the allocation of capital is a means not only of achieving financial returns, but also of directing resources towards sectors that can ensure the well-being of current generations, without compromising that of future generations.

With this understanding, we have integrated the assessment of environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) into our asset management risk and opportunity analysis in order to promote a financial culture consistent with the legislative and moral obligation of ensuring a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive future.

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