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Banca Widiba supports the efforts of World Food Programme Italia to defeat hunger


Advertising message for promotional purposes. This document is written and distributed for advertising and promotional purposes. Before subscribing, please read the pre-contractual statement (Information Sheet) and the Contractual Conditions of the System Portfolio Management Agreement carefully in order to obtain full information on all the features and the related risks and costs. All the documents mentioned are available online and more information can be obtained from the Bank’s authorised staff. Provision of the Asset Management service shall be subject to checking the investor or potential investor’s knowledge and experience of investments in financial instruments, their financial situation, including the ability to sustain losses, and their investment objectives and risk tolerance. The capitalised Terms used herein, unless otherwise defined, shall have the same meaning as in the pre-contractual policy statement and Contractual Conditions of the Asset Management agreement.
The WFP does not sell or sponsor any product or service. For more information on the WFP, visit it.wfp.org.

Widiba Bank against hunger

Banca Widiba wishes to help achieve a world without hunger.

Through its collaboration with WFP Italia, the Banca supports the projects of the World Food Programme, Nobel Peace Prize 2020, with initiatives designed to fight hunger and inequality.

It is with this end in mind that the Fame Zero Lines have been set up. Three new Asset Management Lines investing in innovative companies working to build a fairer, more inclusive global food system.

The World Food Programme

Eradicating hunger and malnutrition by 2030. This is the second of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that UN member countries adopted in 2015 to improve peoples lives.

The WFP, the UN’s food safety agency, works daily to achieve this goal with the collaboration of global partners.

World Food Programme Italia supports the WFP through advocacy, communication and fundraising actions. To this end, it addresses institutions, companies and individuals who wish to contribute to creating a world free of hunger, inequality and gender discrimination by supporting the work of the WFP.

The Fame Zero lines

Fame Zero 30, Fame Zero 50 and Fame Zero 70 are three new balanced lines in the System Portfolio Asset Management catalogue, with a growing shareholding component and a low entry threshold equal to 5,000€.

The lines invest in innovative companies listed on the stock exchange operating in the food value chain with the aim of promoting sustainable production systems, alternative nutrition and more efficient supply chains.

You can subscribe to the Fame Zero asset management lines through your Financial Advisor.

For detailed information on the characteristics of the Asset Management service and the related risks and costs, please read carefully the information sheet available at the offices of the Financial Advisors.

Share The meal

Just 70 cents will feed a person in distress.

Download Share The Meal, the World Food Programme app created to fight hunger.

With a touch of your smartphone, choose the project you wish to support and share one or more meals with those in need.

The more we share, the greater the impact we can have.

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  • An all-round offer: investment, insurance, financing, asset management, inheritance planning

  • 100% digital processes that are tailored to your needs

  • The guarantee of tailored investments

Advertising message for promotional purposes. For full details of the terms and conditions of the products and services advertised, please consult Info Factsheets and the pre-contractual policy statement available from the Transparency Section of bancawidiba.it.

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